SLO County Fresh Food


One of SLO County’s greatest attributes is its readily available supply of fresh, local produce. As a major sector of the county’s economy, agriculture brings the region both economic prosperity and tasty, healthy foods. Growing up in the greater LA region, it was difficult to come by foods produced by local farmers. In SLO this is easy! There are over 19 farmers markets located across the county, a few of which are within walking distance of my house. Every Thursday night, Higuera Street in downtown SLO is closed and blocks of locally grown food become the main display. Along with farmers fresh foods, you can also get cooked foods from local restaurant stands, and enjoy live entertainment such as singing.

Having farmers markets so readily available has decreased my dependence on imported grocery store produce. Farmers market food is local, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation of foods. But most importantly, I believe that local produce simply tastes better. Never frozen!