What is the Challenge?

The Challenge is to reduce your impact as much as possible – choose actions and see how far your can go!  

Most households can go 70-100% carbon free in 5-10 years and save money in the process.  The best news - taking actions can actually improve our quality of life.  Check out the Big 5 Actions page and the Johnson's Plan to learn more.

Your actions will help create a safer, healthier future.  Help make your city the first to Go Carbon Free!

Step 1 - Get Started

Click Join the Challenge or Get Started and create an account.  Next, complete your:

User Profile:  Enter a photo for your household and choose your neighborhood.   You can also choose a community group - add your household's points to your children's school, church or other community organization.

Energy Profile:   Enter some basic info on your current activities.  Important - complete your profile before adding actions to your list!  This will allow us to provide custom estimates for your household on savings for each action and track your progress.  It's easy and only takes a few minutes!  Your information is private and secure and visible only to you.  After you complete your Energy Profile you can see a graph of your impact on your Dashboard.


Step 2 - Take Action

Find Actions and Make A Plan  Explore the Actions page, find actions you want to do and add them to your list.  If you completed your Energy Profile, on each action you will find custom estimates on savings for your household.  When you add an action to your list, set a goal of when you want to complete the action.

Get Inspired  Check out the Big 5 Actions and the Johnsons' Family Plan for ideas.

Take Action!  Check out the action pages for information and resources to help you complete the actions you have chosen.  When you complete an action, mark it complete and get points!  You can also share your success - post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Points are meaningful  One point = 1 lb CO2 reduced/year for actions that have CO2 reductions or 10 gallons of water reduced for water actions.  (There are also a few bonus points for some important actions like choosing green electricity).

Track your progress on your Dashboard  In the My Progress section, see your points and estimated savings for actions completed.  You can also see how your total impact is reduced as you complete actions.  See your ranking and how your household compares to the average in your area.  In the My Plan area see the total for how much you can lower your impact and save if you complete all of your actions!

Step 3 - Work Together

Share ideas and resources   Have a question on an action or a great tip or resource for your neighbors?  Post on the Action Discussion page!  You can also post a story and share your success with others.  You can message another user directly to send a private message.

Join a Team  Start or join a team and work together in a group of up to 10 households.  It's fun and a great way to get to know your neighbors!  Share ideas and resources and help each other meet goals.  Chat online or get together and celebrate!  Be the top team and be eligible for prizes or awards.

Join a Community Group  Choose a community group in your User Profile and your household's points will be added to the Community group.

Check the Leaderboard  Follow your team, community group or neighborhood rankings on your Dashboard and on the Challenge Leaderboard.  Take actions and help your team, community group or neighborhood be #1!  You can also see your community goals and how much your community has achieved!